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On a regular day you can find me glued to my laptop or out in the middle of nowhere for a photoshoot. Other days you can find me in bed editing photos, Instagramming, while drinking a large mug of coffee, and cuddling up with my boyfriend and rescue puppy. Fun fact: I collect coffee mugs and we have more coffee mugs than any other kind of kitchenware. 


I am a photographer of many kinds, but my favorite shoots are of couples madly in love with each other. I am so obsessed with capturing couples who have as much wanderlust as I do. I prefer candid shots with raw, authentic emotion, but have a lot of experience directing and helping couples or models who are not as used to being in front of the camera. Another fun fact: I worked in Italy as a second photographer for a few months and learned how to direct models in Italian!

On my days off, which are few and far between, you can find me going on adventures with my incredibly amazing boyfriend, Sean Taylor, and our adventurous wonder-pup Maui. Sean and I adopted Maui May of 2017 and we couldn't be luckier dog-parents! You can sometimes see Maui on my social media or you can follow his adventures on Instagram! Sean is incredibly helpful to me as he often comes along on my shoots as a second photographer and assistant. He also helps with inquiries, scheduling, finding and booking locations to shoot, and helping me sort through my messy, disorganized lifestyle! He is the stable one in this relationship but he compliments my spontaneity in the most wonderful way! Sean and I also model every once in a while for our photographer friends. If you ever need some models, let us know! 

I dream of travelling the world and have a long list of places I wish to go so no matter where you are, I would die to come take photos of you! For a better look at who I am and what I dream of doing, please take a look at my social media pages and follow me! 

So you need some photos? Let's meet up! I love getting to know the people I photograph and  would love to hear about who you are too, so if you just want to say hey, please reach out and I'll be sure to say hey back!

Let’s go on an adventure and capture your wanderlust together...


The photos you receive on any occasion will become the ones you look at for all the years after. They are what you will have left and what you will have in order to tell your story. This is why my style is so authentic, raw, and powerful. I don't like to stage every photo so that you look stiff and uncomfortable. I want you moving. I want passion. I want to capture just how much fun you are actually having! When you hire a photographer, you shouldn't just go with someone who is the cheapest of the bunch - go with someone who does work you really love. Your photographer should be able to capture the kinds of photos you want to look at for the rest of your life.

When you invest in me, you invest in a friend. As your friend, I will do everything to give you photos that you will pass on to your loved ones, and share with the most important people in your lives, and cherish forever. You shouldn't be able to put the photos down! Your job is to make incredible memories and my job is to capture them so you can hold on to them forever. A real friend would never let you down and I won't either.