Month of February Update

March 2, 2018

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! 

Have you been checking out my website since it's first launch?? There have been SO many updates! Here are some just to name a few:

catiebellephoto reverse.jpg

1. New logo! It isn't much of a change so it might be hard to spot, but my logo has changed to add an arrow that goes through "capture your wanderlust"! I got a lot of inspo from Pinterest and other photographers that have the same goal as I do. I made the logo myself and have been working on branding guidelines for my company. It been a really good week branding wise as I have nailed down some do's and don'ts for my website as far as how I want it to look and feel!


2. I got featured! For those of you who don't know, I worked with Kim Baker Beauty for my styled shoot on February 18th. She is a make up artist who also runs her own blog and she featured my photos from the shoot. She has also asked me to guest-write a couple articles for her blog and we have already three events scheduled that we will be working together! The Bay Area Creative community is amazing! You can go read Kim's blog post here! I was also featured on the Bay Area Model Feature page on Instagram, an account with over 10k followers. 

3. Speaking of the styled shoot, IT WAS CRAZY! We got kicked off our first location choice and had to make a spur of the moment decision to drive to Santa Cruz. The weather in Santa Cruz was absolutely TERRIBLE. It was windy, cold, and poured rain in the last few minutes we were there. It was quite the learning experience to have it go horribly wrong, but the pictures certainly don't reflect it! The pictures actually turned out incredible and if you have not seen them yet, you should! 


March is going to be a quieter month photography-wise since I will be spending most of the month focusing on my styled shoots in April. I have two styled shoots scheduled, one that I am styling and another I will just be photographing, Both are going to be at the Guglielmo Winery in Morgan Hill, CA. My styled shoot on April 12 will be with Kim Baker Beauty, sQuinks Art, Brides of California, and some baby kittens looking to be adopted!! I am super excited for this shoot because I have a whole month to plan it out and I know it is going to go 1000 times better than my first styled shoot. If the photos from that awful day can look as good as they do, then my styled shoot in April should be to die for! If you want to see the Pinterest board for this shoot, here it is

Another side note you may be interested in hearing is that Sean (the boyfriend) and I got selected to model in another photographer's boho-elopement styled shoot next week on March 11th. Sean and I will get to feature our lame modeling skills and dorky love for each other with Irina Vantresca, a photographer that is getting a lot of notice lately in the photo-community! It's super cool that she wants to work with me and has already been teaching me a lot about publishing and working on styled shoots! 

That's all I have for now! Thank you again for all your love and support in my endeavors to become a world travelling photographer! You guys are what keep me going!