Veni. Vidi. Cepi.
I came. I saw. I captured.

I’m a destination wedding + intimate elopement photographer based out of golden California coast. More importantly, I’m a human being who loves hanging out in the mountain, swinging in a hammock, singing my lungs out to Maroon 5,  crying while watching dog videos, + drinking endless amounts of coffee. My love languages are mint mojitos + chocolate covered strawberries.

I live with the most incredible human I have ever met. He is so supportive + loving, and without him I couldn’t be the photographer I am. Together we have raised the most adorable fur-child on this planet. Sean supports me so freaking much. He pays for just about everything. He works 7 days a week to make sure that we can afford our apartment, gas, Maui’s medical bills, MY medical bills, HIS medical bills! Jeez, life is expensive and my man has put his dreams on hold so that I can pursue mine. What a freaking blessing.

I’ve been capturing raw and authentic emotion for 2 years. I always feel so honored to be invited to third wheel on lovers’ most intimate moments and special days of their lives. My style is all about capturing you and your lover for your truest selves. I work hard to capture my couples for who they are. I want my photos to radiate the love that two people share for one another. I love deep tones, moody feelings, and genuine smiles.

I want to capture the softest kisses and the hardest laughs.

When you look at your photos you should see the hands that hold you on your best + worst days, and see each + every reason why they’re the person you fall asleep with and wake up next to  every morning.

Philosophy (my why):
Immensely, completely, + unconditionally.


This is what Sean and I say to each other after we have just had a fight, when my anxiety is through the roof, and every morning before he leaves for work so that we know that no matter what, we love each other for who the other one is in their authentic and true self.

Love is hard. Really hard. It’s not easy, or posed and planned. Love is messy! Love is waking up next to your person and you both have hair sticking in all directions and raccoon eyes from not taking off all the makeup the night before. Love letting them take all the covers and sleeping diagonally, while you snap pictures and text them how much you love them. Then it’s them throwing their phone at you, giggling and trying to wrestle you to the ground the next morning.

Love is for all the fights when you just squeezed them until they cried more than they were yelling. Love is for the late night conversations about how you’re going to make rent this month and what’s going to happen when your contract ends in a few weeks. Love is holding hands with your best friend while you scale up the side of a mountain, or you dive naked into an ice cold lake. Love is all the dirty and awful jokes you whisper to each other in the corner of the room at family gatherings.

Love is taking the other person for who they are immensely, completely, and unconditionally and I am here to capture your love for each other, whether it’s on your wedding day, in your home, or somewhere on the top of your favorite cliff.