Ask me anything, I'm an open book!!

Do you travel for sessions? 

Yes!!!! I will go any where in the world for you! I am based out of the Bay Area in Campbell, CA. Most of my weddings so far have taken place in Siena, Italy as I was the apprentice of a photographer there for a few months in college. I have so much wanderlust that I am willing to travel absolutely anywhere to photograph you, however I require that my transportation and stay is paid for as part of any package.

Can we post your photos on social media?

YES! YES! YES, please! Just be sure to tag me and give me photo credits! :) 

Do we get the digital files? 

Yes. I will send you a digital gallery and you will receive a package via mail with some surprise gifts and your USB with you photos on them. 

How do we get prints? 

Each package comes with the printing rights so you may send your photos to be printed anywhere you like. You may also ask me to print them out for you for an additional fee. I have vendors that I have worked with that make great prints of your photos in various sizes and materials. I can also order wedding albums for you that you would receive in your USB package.

Do you use a second shooter? 

Depends. If you are booking me for a large wedding event then I have second shooters that I have worked with before that would be more than happy to come with me, but you will have to hire them through me for a slightly additional cost. Same for videographers. I am capable of shooting weddings on my own if you choose to only hire me. You are free to hire a second shooter or videographer separately, however for best photo quality I recommend you hire someone through me. 

How far in advance do we need to book?

 I cannot give you an exact date for this as it is very dependent on the kind of session you would like to book. I work on a first come-first serve basis so if the day is open, it's yours! Please fill out the contact form on the "Book a Session" page and be sure to tell me the date you would like to schedule your session.

How do I book a session? 

Please head over to my "Contact Me" page and fill out the form. Depending on a session I may ask that you pay a small non-refundable retainer fee to hold your spot. Smaller sessions like portraits and headshots will not require a retainer fee.

Do we get engagement photos with our wedding package?

Of course! I believe in doing everything to get to know the people I work with and an engagement session is the perfect time to do this! The wedding day is always so crazy for the bride and groom and not the right day for me to be asking you what you're looking for on your big day! As part of my wedding package you will get an initial coffee date and/or video chat meeting to get to know me and then at the engagement session is where I really get to know you! 

I don't like getting my picture taken... 

Me neither! In fact, I hate it! But don't worry! I have years of experience in getting even my most camera shy clients to take some gorgeous pictures! I do my best to make everyone who works with me to know I am more of a friends than someone just trying to get the job done. We won't rush through our sessions and we will get you as comfortable as possible so that you are happy with how the session goes. I promise you will not be disappointed when you see the final results!

You're kinda expensive... 

Yes! And your photographer should be! I am looking for the kinds of clients that value my work and value the passion I pour into my photography. I am offering to you a session of a lifetime and an unlimited number of printed photographs to come with it! That being said, I try to be as flexible as possible. If you really love my work and my style and want me to come photograph you and the love of your life, please contact me and let me know! I can try to make something work where I feel my work has been valued and you get the photos you have only dreamed of having!