Let’s dig deeper.

Let’s capture photos of who you two really are in your rawest element. I promise that you are going to have one hell of a good time from beginning to end instead of feeling awkward + ugly. If you show up saying you “suck at photos” by the end you won’t want to stop. All you will think about is how dang luck you are to be marrying that weird-ass human you get to spend the rest of your life with. And if you’re super stiff, I’ll bring booze to help. Let’s get weird!

If you’re driven by wild messy hair, roaring rapids, fresh pine-filled air, or you just want to make s’mores with your best friend, and you’re completely obsessed with doggos + coffee, then you belong in my tribe.

Ok yeah, you are going to get all those family shots and small details too. I won’t let you miss out on anything, I promise. But you are going to want photos of the grass blowing as you walk down the aisle, or your grandpa wiping away his tears, and your nose all scrunched up while your snorting at all the weird things that your babe including in their vows. I am not going to miss a single precious moment + you’ll have photos that will last you a freaking life-time.

When you pay me you are making several things happen:

01 Helping with my medical bills -- which if you know me, are HUGE. Having a heart condition is not a joke.
02 Paying for Maui’s daily allergy injections because he is allergic to, well, everything. Don’t believe me? Ask to see the list when you inquire.
03 Allowing me to invest back into my passion: photography. For every booking I make, I spend three times as much learning + purchasing equipment to better serve my tribe.

**Next goal: make enough money so Sean can work one job instead of 3. Let’s make it happen. My man deserves the whole freaking world.

+ Sessions start at 750
+ Elopements + Intimate Weddings start at 2000 (<31 guests and <5 hours)
+ Local California Weddings start at 5000
+ US WEDDINGS Start AT Local Market Price
+ International Destination Weddings start at 9000