I am a part-time photographer full-time DOG MOM. That's right! I am the proud mother of a lab/pitbull mix named Maui! When I am not out on an a photo adventure, I am at home curled up on the couch drinking a large mug of coffee with my fur baby and my laptop. I spend my "days off" pinning away on Pinterest, editing photos, responding to inquiries, or learning how to be a better photographer/entrepreneur! The Goal Digger Podcast (ahem, thank you Jenna Kutcher!) and anything that India Earl releases are LIFE SAVERS. If you are a photographer, looking to invest in yourself and invest in your business these are for Y-O-U. I just started the Pinterest Lab by Jenna Kutcher and I am already up 50% engagement and 3.2K monthly followers in 5 days. WHAT!? (PS this is not a plug for Jenna Kutcher or India Earl, they are just two people that release awesome products that WORK and I 100% stand behind). Long story short, I love learning and investing in myself so that I can invest in YOU.

I am a photographer of many kinds, but my favorite shoots are of couples madly in love with each other. I am so obsessed with capturing couples who have as much wanderlust as I do. I prefer candid shots with raw, authentic emotion, but have a lot of experience directing and helping couples or models who are not as used to being in front of the camera. I say this to my couples and am yet to be told otherwise: the things I ask you to do while hanging out in front of my camera are fun and awkward BUT you are going to come back with the most incredible and authentic photos of yourselves EVER! Trust in me -- I got you!

I dream of travelling the world and have a long list of places I wish to go so no matter where you are, I would die to come take photos of you! For a better look at who I am and what I dream of doing, please take a look at my social media pages and FOLLOW ME! Not because I need the followers, but because my social media, and my instagram in particular, is the very first place you will see freebies! 



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